Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leslierahye's 3rd Annual Earth Day BLOG HOP - April 22nd

Welcome to
 the Leslierahye's 3rd Annual 
Earth Day Blog Hop

What this means we recycle or upcycle everyday products
Each designer is to come up with a creative way to upcycle crafts
from a cereal box, can of soup to old shoes to scraps of paper, etc.
I try to recycle and recreate as much as possible.

I've been wanted to create this wall decor since last year
and finally was able to do it and boy did I have fun creating this is easy peasy

You are able to find the instructions on Pinterest and YouTube

Measuring Tape
Foam Board
Pencil, String, Thumb Tack
Mirror (size optional)
6 Packages of regular plastic spoons (48)
Do not get the duty as they will not cut
Hot glue gun
Spray Paints (White, Gold, Melon, Sunshine Yellow)
color spray paint of your choice
E6000 Glue

DIY Spoon Mirror

Find the center of your board and pierce a hole

Thumb tack the string in the pierced hole and pencil to draw a circle
cut the circle

Place mirror in the center of the circle board and trace

Glue down mirror
Step 5
pierce 2 more holes to add string for hanging

you can either spray them first then cut or cut then spray its up to you
and also the effect you are trying to accomplish
I cut my spoons first

you can either start from the edge of the board or from the center 
edge of the mirror
Stagger the spoons in each row

cover your mirror then spray with white or primer as your 
base then whatever colors you choose
I liked mine to be a little bit more organic

This one is going in the living room

Now to create one for my bestie
I think she would love it - in teal color of course!

I hope you look at your packaging a little differently
when you are about to through it out

Let's continue to recycle - upcycle



Dedra Shahan said...
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Regena said...

omg...I will never look at plastic spoons the same way again. coolio

Anonymous said...

This is BEAUTIFUL Jessica! I love it! Thank you for being a part of my Earth Day Blog Hop! :) ♥

Christi Conley said...

Beautiful! I have seen these on Pinterest, but I am forever skeptical of pins LOL - but now, WOW WOW WOW!

Delilah D. said...

Wow is right!! You r talented, my friend!

Morninglass said...

This is an amazingly beautiful piece!