Saturday, December 8, 2012

25-Days CWC-PCW Craft Showcase - Day 8

It's only day 8 and the creations are still coming
It's just fun crazy!

You how you create a tickler in your head
and say hmmm
I want to make that "one day"

I have created a

 printed images on tissue paper using a laser jet printer
 cut and ready to heat to candle
 take your time as there are different types of heat guns
don't heat directly but in a left and right motion or circular
so as not to melt the candle.
this image will begin to become shiny so you will know 
that it is adhering
 cut mesh bling and a color with stickles
 I added this candle to my office decor
Tissue Paper
Digital Image (laser jet printer required)
Heat Gun
Mesh Bling
Stickles - Green

Everyday we will be offering a FREE die cut file and a FREE digital stamp
Each week prizes will be offered
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Sandy Palmer said...

Gorgeous candle! Thanks for the instructions on how you made it! :)

Patty said...

This candle is beautiful! I really want to try this...I had no idea you could just heat tissue paper onto the candle that way! Thanks!

Lynden Blossom said...

Hello - I've enjoyed all of your Projects!! I haven't written each day to everyone, although I've quickly peeked at everyone's projects daily and am thoroughly impressed with our Design Team's creativity! Thank You for sharing! ;-} (- back to my own projects!)