Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leslierahye's Wedded Bliss Blog Hop | Celebrating 20 Years June 27th

Welcome to
Hosted by the beautiful
Happy 20th Anniversary
my friend
you are an example to many
marriages can work
our new generation
treats relationship like its a bag of M&M candies
you eat and when you don't want anymore
you just throw it away

Marriage is a process

I am 6 years into mine
and have a long way to go
We need to take bad with our good
never stop fighting or stop believing
in each other
support one another
love each other unconditionally

I hope you like what I've made for you...


First try
I baked the clay with waxed paper
it release toxic fumes in the
and warped my clay - I thought I could recover it by
adding silver paint in the lettering but decided to
redo again

Second try
Ahhh much better - Softer more subtle approach

 I pressed the clear stamp
on the polymer clay to match the wood frame flourish

Wooden Fancy Frame - Michaels
Silver Polymer Clay - Fimo
Flourish Clear Stamp - Inkadinkado
Red Rubber letter Stamps - Hero Arts
Large Mesh Bling - In-Store coming soon
Mulberry Flowers - In-Store coming soon

Our marriage reached a growing point
We've rackup
Twenty Years
And Now it's time to celebrate
wine or several beer
it's time to settle back a while
enjoy the peace we've earned
because if we don't celebrate
out friends will be concerned.

Might add additional details personally for my Leslie
oh so happy for ya

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Amanda said...

Very pretty :) I love it :)

Barbara Rankin said...

Very pretty piece. I actually liked both pieces!

Fabrizio Martellucci said...

Amazing project ! xoxoxo Fab

Addicted Scrapper said...

Totally unique like my BFF!!!

Love it!!

Addicted Scrapper said...

LOVE IT!! Totally unique just like you!!! Xoxo